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Long Beach, Seal Beach Child Support Attorney

It is the obligation of each parent to provide support for minor children of their relationship until the child reaches either:

  • The age of 19 OR
  • The age of 18 after having graduated from high school.

Adult child support is also available for children with special needs, regardless of age.

William D. Evans is a child support lawyer in Long Beach and Seal Beach who represents his clients throughout Southern California in a wide variety of family law cases. In California each parent is required to support their children financially until the child reaches age 19 or graduates from high school as a full-time student at age 18.  Each parent is also required to provide medical insurance coverage for their children if reasonably available and to pay one-half of all medical expenses not covered by insurance such as co-pays, etc.

The court is required to establish child support using a statutory formula which is determined through the use of a computer program.  This is known as “Guideline” support and the amount of Guideline child support is mandatory and cannot be waived by either parent.  The amount of child support is determined through consideration of each parent’s monthly income or earning capacity with financial adjustments for such things as medical insurance payments, interest payments, real property taxes paid and mandatory union dues.

Determination of each parent’s income is often complicated due to the nature of a party’s employment. A party may be self employed or engaged in a profession where a significant part of employment compensation is derived from commissions or bonuses. Typical examples include sales persons, real estate agents and stock brokers. It is frequently necessary to use the services of a qualified forensic accountant to determine the monthly controllable cash flow for such a person and to enable the court to make a fair and equitable support order. Long Beach, Seal Beach child support lawyer William D. Evans has available a team of forensic accountants with extensive experience to assist in these matters.

The second component of child support is the amount of time the child spends with each parent pursuant to the child custody agreement or order in the case. This is known as custodial timeshare. When the respective adjusted income of each party is determined and the timeshare with each parent is established, a Guideline child support monthly payment amount can be established. This is payable to the parent which the court determines to be entitled to receive the payments for the benefit of the minor child.  In addition the court may order additional monthly payments for one-half the amount of child care expenses necessary to enable the custodial parent to work or participate in education to develop employable skills.

Child support issues may be difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney.  William D. Evans, Long Beach child support attorney, has been practicing family law in California for over 35 years. He has helped his clients through sometimes extremely complex and emotional child custody and child support cases.

William D. Evans offers a free 30-minute initial consultation.  After a thorough analysis of your case, he will promptly discuss all of the legal options available to you.  Please call William D. Evans at (562) 439-9001.


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