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Divorce Lawyer Huntington Beach

Termination of marital union under the prescribed rules of law can be personal. It requires a right attorney to handle the matter. With more than 35 years of experience in practicing family law, William D. Evans has gained the expertise to handle the case at the uppermost level. He has earned many achievements in the arena of law and is the top rate divorce lawyer Huntington Beach, Long Beach and the adjacent cities of Lakewood, Norwalk, Los Alamitos, California.

Our Services

He possesses both academic as well as professional excellence to handle the legal law proceedings in an effective and  efficient manner. With the outstanding negotiating skills, he deals with the spouse and the child custody legal matters by trial or settlement between both parties. He specializes in settling down the issues regarding:

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Real\ Personal property valuation
  • Property valuation& Division
  • Marital Asset Characterization 
  • Marital Property Distribution
  • Paternity Issues & Concerns
  • Tax implication

Our Vision

William D. Evans, a reputed divorce lawyer Huntington Beach has earned many achievements and accolades for delivering exceptional services to his clients. Outstanding knowledge about all related acts and clauses helps deal with the cases effectively and efficiently.

In a divorce proceeding, the most emotional and complex concern is that of the child custody. With a paramount consideration, the decision over this very concern is taken by the Court of law after listening to the petition of both the parents. Such cases involve various concerns that include Permanent custody, Interim Custody and Visitation rights.

We believe that each and every case involves certain sentiments and emotions of the clients on both sides. We endeavor to provide best law services with discretion and sensitivity. Confidentiality of the individual case is an important aspect and is well maintained throughout the proceedings. We, as a successful divorce lawyer Huntington Beach, California takes each and every case with deliberate consideration and strives to resolve it in an efficient manner.