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    Child custody involves the legal rights of each parent to make decisions about a child’s life and the right of each parent to live with or visit the child. When divorce proceedings are initiated, the court is obligated to make decisions based on what it believes is in the child’s best interest.

    Child custody disputes can be the most emotional part of a divorce. It is essential that the parents keep the best interests of the children in mind. William D. Evans, Long Beach child custody lawyer, can provide you with invaluable advice how to win child custody; or to release custody of a child through disestablishment of paternity, if the need arises (you can read more about disestablishment of paternity and paternity lawyer services [CLICK HERE]).

    Intersecting aspects of child custody in California that may intersect your case:

    • Grandparents Rights California
    • Father’s Rights California
    • Legal Guardianship California
    • Establishment of Paternity [CLICK HERE]
    • Disestablishment of Paternity [CLICK HERE]

    There are two different kinds of custody in a California divorce:

    Legal custody involves responsibility and the right to participate in making major decisions that affect your child. Examples include decisions regarding health care, education, religious studies, and participation in extra-curricular activities. California child custody laws have a preference for joint legal custody of the child(ren) whenever possible. This means that both parents have a say in these issues. If the parents cannot come to agreement, either parent may request that the court intervene and determine what is in the best interests of the children.

    Physical custody determines the amount of time the minor children will spend with each parent. The court will generally assign one parent as the primary physical custodian and award the other parent with reasonable visitation timeshare on a fixed schedule. When a parent is designated as the primary physical custodian, that parent’s home will be the main address of the minor children for purposes of school enrollment, etc.

    In California it is required that the parents fighting divorce in California participate in a court-approved mediation and attempt to reach a custody agreement which will specify the time each parent will have with the minor children. If you are currently in this phase and are unhappy with the results you are getting, call us and talk to the best lawyer for divorce mediation Los Angeles. If an agreement is reached, the proposed timeshare schedule will be reviewed and must be approved by the court at which time it will become a binding and enforceable custody and visitation order. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, the court will conduct a formal custody hearing which can be very divisive. It is not uncommon for the court to appoint a forensic psychologist to assist the court in making an informed decision on the proper custodial placement of the children. This frequently occurs when there are allegations that either or both parents are involved with the misuse of alcohol or drugs or there are allegations of domestic violence or physical/verbal abuse. Occasionally, the court will appoint an attorney to represent the minor children under those circumstances. The fees and costs incurred by a court-appointed forensic psychologist or attorney for the minor children is typically paid by the parents.

    California child custody law and timeshare are very important issues to those involved in most divorce actions. This is true not only because it determines the amount of time each parent spends with the minor children but also because timeshare has a major impact on the amount of child support awarded. Proper legal representation by the best Long Beach family court lawyer can be the difference between the right result for your case and a heart-breaking final decision. William D. Evans is the best man to go to bat for you at any family law court Los Angeles.

    Divorce in California is a serious process. There is the possibility that your divorce could be amicable. The safe bet is to discuss your options with a lawyer before jumping into a divorce battle, filing for divorce in California, or even threatening divorce. Without a plan of action, and superior team of legal expertise behind you, the results may not be in your favor.

    If you are considering separation or divorce, and your case will be tried in any family law court Los Angeles; start a conversation with the best family law attorney Los Angeles. We have experience in all venues of family law in the local area; from Los Angeles courthouses to Orange County courthouses. Choose the Long Beach Attorneys you can trust, William D. Evans, APLC.

    Remember, William D. Evans is not only a family law attorney…he teaches the law. As a professor in the field of family law, he is especially suited to handling your divorce in California.

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