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High net worth divorces almost always involve asset and debt identification, characterization of the assets and liabilities and the valuation of businesses owned or operated by either or both spouses.


When it comes to a divorce involving two individuals who have high net worth value (Executive Divorce), the situation takes on a new level of difficulty. These circumstances involve a unique process that can be accomplished by sometimes obtaining a valuation of closely-held or family corporations and also structuring spousal support in a way that avoids recapture. There are not many divorce lawyers in Huntington Beach or Long Beach who can handle the unique elements that are found within a divorce of this nature. Those couples who are undergoing high net worth divorces often require special attention, though, because of the added elements of the separation.


It does not matter whether you are a high ranking member of a corporation or a successful businessman or woman. William D. Evans works hard to protect your valuables and assets. There are several elements that must be given attention, including:


  • Family corporations or restricted stock that will have to be valued
  • Non-marital assets, spendthrift trusts, and inheritances to be protected
  • Maintenance of a business without interference from the ex-spouse
  • Tax consequences of capital gains or capital loss carry-overs
  • Spousal support and how it is structured to avoid recapture
  • Presentation of equitable arguments in support of unequal distributions


The main factor of a high net divorce is property division between the divorcing couple. When there is much on the line, it is important to have your rights protected. If you are in the process of a high net worth divorce, William D. Evans can provide the essential tools to help you better understand your situation and what is at stake. The services of forensic accountants and other financial experts are utilized as necessary to assist in this process which frequently involves complex investments and hard-to-value assets like patents, licenses and intellectual property rights. The significance of tax consequences attributable to different marital property divisions and spousal support settlement scenarios must also be considered. The development and evaluation of the financial advantages and disadvantages of different settlement and litigation positions is a necessary strategy to obtain the best possible resolution of these issues. These situations are highly contested and require a lawyer with skill and experience.

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