spousal support

    Spousal support is the amount of money the court orders the higher wage earning spouse to pay to the other spouse every month. There are two types of spousal support—temporary and permanent.

    Spousal support is the name for what is commonly referred to as alimony under California law. California law provides that spouses are entitled to receive spousal support based on many factors including the respective income of the parties, the duration of their marriage and their marital lifestyle.

    Spousal support ordered during the course of a California divorce action is called temporary spousal support and is meant to maintain the marital lifestyle for the supported spouse while the case is in litigation. Temporary spousal support may be ordered by the court at any time after a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage has been filed until the case has been resolved, either by settlement or trial.

    Long-term spousal support refers to spousal support payable after the case has been resolved by settlement or at trial. Depending on the length of the marriage, the age and income of the parties and the other applicable factors included in California Family Code Section 4320; the California family law court may set a fixed period of time for a party to receive spousal support or may order that it is payable until death of either party, remarriage of the supported party or further order of the California family law court. The court will also consider both spouses’ financial position including the amount of community property each receives as part of the divorce proceedings and their respective separate property and earning capacity. Unless the parties disagree, all aspects of long-term spousal support are modifiable upon a showing of good cause. Los Angeles divorce lawyer, William D. Evans, offers representation specific to your circumstances including the complex tax issues that often arise within alimony agreements.

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    Divorce in California is a serious process. There is the possibility that your divorce could be amicable. The safe bet is to discuss your options with a lawyer before jumping into a divorce battle, filing for divorce in California, or even threatening divorce. Without a plan of action, and superior team of legal expertise behind you, the results may not be in your favor.

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