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  • If your spouse has initiated divorce, or you have made the decision for a legal separation, opt for skilled and professional legal expert William D. Evans and his team of professionals. A prominent lawyer in Long Beach, Seal Beach and other parts of California, he practices with ethical and sensitive orientation to meet the needs of his clients.



Dissolution of Marriage Process

Dissolution of Marriage Process

​The dissolution of marriage process usually follows one of three possible courses of action: Traditional Litigation, Collaboration OR Divorce Mediation.

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Executive Divorce

​High net worth divorces almost always involve asset and debt identification, characterization of the assets and liabilities and the valuation of businesses owned or operated by either or both spouses. 


Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into by a couple in contemplation of marriage. Such agreements generally address property issues in the event of divorce or death, but can include other matters as well.

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Division of Marital Property

​One of the main issues in a divorce or legal separation is the division of community property. In California, any property acquired by you or your spouse during marriage will be divided equally.  

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Spousal Support

Spousal support is the amount of money the court orders the higher wage earning spouse to pay to the other spouse every month. There are two types of spousal support—temporary and permanent.

Child Custody

Child Custody

​Child custody involves the legal rights of each parent to make decisions about a child’s life and the right of each parent to live with or visit the child. 

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Child Support

In California each parent is required to support their children financially until the child reaches age 19 or graduates from high school as a full-time student at age 18

Paternity Issues

Paternity Issues

A paternity action may be filed to establish whether a person is or is not the natural parent of a child; and if so, to determine how the child will be parented; the parents’ legal and physical custody rights and child support obligations.


William D. Evans, An Accomplished Family Law Attorney that Specializes in Divorce and Family Law Cases

If you have considered or are involved in divorce proceedings in Los Angeles or Orange County, California, you should contact William D. Evans and his team of legal professionals to discuss your case.  William D. Evans is a prominent and experienced family law attorney and possesses the legal knowledge and compassion to meet his client’s needs.

As a divorce lawyer with over four decades of experience in the field, he has earned many accolades which include the Martindale-Hubbell “AV” rating awarded to only the top one (1) percent of attorneys in the United States based upon peer review.  He has held the AVVO Superb “Perfect 10” rating since its inception and in 2018 was named by the Los Angeles Times as a “Top Lawyer in Southern California.”  His wealth of experience in family law matters provides the ability and leverage to obtain positive legal results for his clients through mediation and settlement to avoid protracted court battles, if possible.  However, he is also a very experienced trial attorney and not hesitant to fully litigate your case in the event the other side is intractable or judicial resolution is otherwise required.   Seeking a favorable outcome to your divorce proceedings? Then, place your trust and confidence in William D. Evans.


  • A wealth of experience in assessing divorce options and allied issues such as spousal support, child custody and support and the division of property
  • Leveraging experience to attain positive legal outcomes and avoid a long, protracted court battle
  • Objectivity that never falters and sensitive handling of family legal proceedings that led to quick settlement and fair, equitable asset allocation
  • Alternative dispute resolution and considerable expertise in managing trials at family law courts


Seeking a fair outcome to divorce proceedings that handles all your personal concerns with sensitivity? Then, place your trust and confidence in this legal firm and its seasoned principal attorney, William D. Evans Family Law LB, and resolve any divorce complications in an effective way.


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