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    With or without an accompanying divorce, paternity issues do come up when the issue of child custody and child support arise. If there is any question to the natural parentage or biological relation of the child(ren) and the father; a disestablishment of paternity action may be brought, in which the parties involved may be genetically tested. Conversely, a paternity action may be filed to establish whether a person is or is not the natural parent of a child; and if so, to determine how the child will be parented; the parents’ legal and physical custody rights and child support obligations.

    This scenario frequently arises when an unmarried couple has a child. The claimed father may admit that the child is his or may request genetic testing to determine parentage if a motion is properly presented to the court within two years of the child’s date of birth. If parentage is admitted or established, the issues of child custody and child support are handled in a manner identical to those involving a married couple with children who are getting divorced.

    Paternity in California is a serious process. There is the possibility that your relationship with the person you had a child with is amicable. The safe bet is to discuss your options with a lawyer before jumping into a legal action or filing a paternity or disestablishment of paternity action on your own. Without a plan of action, and superior team of legal expertise behind you, the results may not be in your favor.

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